The Slides (aka The 1200!)

The following are the initial batch of slides that I purchased from the car boot at Ashton-Under-Lyne back in 2015.


That’s four boxes, each can (in theory) hold 300 slides. Which means ~1200 slides to go through!

Here’s the boxes opened up and a pseduo top-down view of each of the boxes’ contents. Two are labelled ‘Britain’ (both of the green ones), whilst the two grey ones are labelled ‘Europe’ and ‘Italy’.

Britain slides #1
Britain slides #2
Europe slides
Italy slides

Commercial Slides

Some of the slides were, like postcards, sold at the various places visited. Here’s some examples of the ones purchased whilst the original visitors were in Austria.

Example branded / commercial slides from Austria

Different brands selling different images from different pages of Austria and they all need scanning in.

However some of them have faded to a red colour due to their age. These will be the most difficult to rescue and preserve. Currently I am having to convert the scanned slides into black & whiteas this was better than not scanning them in at all.