Equipment Used

I have three items which have been useful whilst doing this project.

7DayShop Slide Scanner

This is a great sub-£100 slide scanner. I also bought some gloves and a duster, plus an extra two plastic guides that you insert the slides into.

I can do 4 slides per plastic guide, although, because it’s a manual scanner, I have to press the ‘Scan’ button once for each slide. Using the three guides, I can scan in batches of 12 images. I then decide whether I should back those up ready for processing, or empty out all of the slides and do another batch of 12. Rinse and repeat!

After a lot of usage, my only main faults with it are that: I can’t find any option to change the default scan type to be a color negative or set the default date. Occasionally, as in it’s only happened twice so far, is that it ‘forgets’ to store the scanned images on the SD card.

7DayShop Slide Scanner















Rotary Slide Scanner

The one that I purchased wasn’t fully working, so this was a donation from my Dad.

<image to follow as I keep forgetting to take a picture of it>

Portable Slide Scanner (Boots 4000TL)

This scanner has a bigger viewing area than the 7DayShop one. It was only £3 from a car boot sale in Rhyl, North Wales.

It’s very empty inside, except for the four large batteries (SP11?) that I will need to replace before I can use it. It also came with a slide inside the box, but I’ve not yet scanned it in.

Boots 4000TL Viewer
Boots 4000TL Viewer